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    Michael Greenberg is renowned for taking photographs that are characterized as art pieces. The elegant play of fashion and journalism shines through every photograph so it’s no wonder Michael Greenberg has been recognized as one of the top wedding photographers in Canada.

    Among his many talents, Michael is well known for the Renaissance-era-inspired elaborate group portraits he produced. One of them, “Family”, won a Grand Award at WPPI 2010. He has won 11 WPPI awards and over 60 accolades of excellence in the last four years. His work has been published in numerous photography magazines including the recent book "The best of wedding photojournalism" by Bill Hurter.

This photograph was captured with all natural light during a themed wedding in Moscow, Russia:

D3S_1591 copy


Svetlana is standing here before an antique fireplace in one of Moscow’s mansions, wearing her absolutely stunning Dolce & Gabbana dress.

This is a moment when she had just finished putting her dress and makeup on, and was just setting the final touches before leaving for the church.

The dress was so light and elegant that I actually asked her to continue checking everything and adjusting her dress to see how it fits her and how it flows. That creates the best moment.

~Michael Greenberg

This image of the groom chasing the bride was shot on a destination wedding in Monaco:

I liked the flow of the bride’s dress, so I asked her to play with the groom and run to show that aspect of her dress for me. I framed it the way that the groom would be in the frame to reflect the playfulness between them. By doing this, I was able to capture this aspect of their relationship in this moment, in addition to the beauty of her dress on their wedding day.


~Michael Greenberg

Portraits can be considered as photo-journalistic images, because when done well, portraits are strong representation of people’s characters, personalities and moods. Since the beginning of visual arts, portraits were the photographs of history and they still remain the most important elements of every wedding photography coverage. Because of their versatility, portraits can be expressed in various wedding photography styles; traditional, photo-journalistic, fashion, candid and artistic. In this particular artistic portrait the groom, Michael, is photographed on the background on an abstract painting:


Since Michael’s full facial expression is hidden by his profile and since it is rather changeless in nature, it becomes hard to say what he is thinking about or what he is feeling at that specific moment. The groom then is an abstract and non-specific reflection of the art on the wall or the other way around.


According to Italian traditions, the last wedding dance belongs to the bride and groom. It is a meaningful moment at a wedding reception and a fun one to photograph. The families gather in a circle around the newlyweds and throw confetti and ribbons on the couple. This particular image was taken at an Italian wedding reception in Montreal, Quebec. The image was picked up by Photo Ed magazine for the cover of April edition, 2010.

I recently created this image of a bride laying on a love seat with beautiful light, during a wedding in St. Petersburg, Russia:


D3S_0515 copy

This moment was captured using one light fired through a grid to create an amazing feeling of daylight shining through a window. The bride’s relaxed pose for this photograph was inspired by renaissance paintings, with her beautiful dress flowing down the love seat she is sitting on.

This image beautifully demonstrates how emotionally evocative wedding photography can be created out of almost any situation with the correct application of technique.


~Michael Greenberg