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Makeup and Photoshop or Photoshop-makeup!

For over 6 thousand years, women have been using makeup.
Originating in Egypt, eye makeup was thought to protect against evil, but quickly turned into a beauty enhancement product, favored by nobles and peasants alike.
The makeup fashion has spread to different parts of the world being used for ceremonial, traditional, theatrical, and seductive purposes and is still growing strong today.
In fact, make up has become a necessity and a commodity but, most importantly, it has changed the way we perceive beauty.

Starting at a very young age girls are taught to appreciate makeup. Hello Kitty’s candy is packaged in a 4 eye-shades kit. Cartoon characters and toys wear makeup and there is even an edible makeup for children!
All the gorgeous models that we see today, whether in magazines, movies or even in very natural “Dove” TV commercials, are artistically enhanced. We say, “she has a very natural make up I like that”. We say, think, and most of us believe that makeup makes women look even more beautiful.
In my 10 years of experience in the wedding industry, I have never seen a bride without makeup. Professionally applied makeup is a great compliment to any woman, especially on her wedding day.

Then what about professional Photoshop?
With Photoshop, I can make anyone look like they have alabaster skin, perfect natural makeup and no imperfections of any kind. I want to share with you an image I found on the internet. These girls are gorgeous to begin with. This is a great example of how professional makeup and Photoshop intensify existing beauty.

In the wedding industry, Photoshop has no boundaries. It is the makeup of post production. Often it is not the photographer who decides on the very specific modifications. Blemishes are the first to be removed, followed by smoother skin, rosier glow, fewer lines and so on. I once had a client, who asked me to make her look younger. “How much younger?” I asked, only to realize that I shouldn’t have. Without hesitation, she replied “20 years younger!”. It sounded like a challenge and I begun intensively retouching her skin and getting rid of the facial pores. I quickly learned, that the more I reduced her age so to speak, the more plastic looking my client became. I realized, I needed more skill.

In the meantime, my passion for fashion photography grew and with it my eagerness to learn everything there is about Photoshop and high-end retouching.
Fashion is now a major component in my wedding photography. I want to be able to complement my images with professional retouching skills and above all, I want to make sure I can help my clients with their beauty-image in the most natural way.
I will retouch an image as long as it takes to achieve the desirable result, which is a beautiful photograph that looks like its hasn’t been retouched!

I’m not a judge of what’s right or wrong, I am a professional that ┬áis driven by everything beautiful.

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    Photojournalist Wedding Photographers - Nice post this sort of content should be published time to time to spread the information. Keep posting best of luck.

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    Photographick - Love the image of the worlds more photogenic man. Very cool.

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    Paulina - love the last one! haha.

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