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My award winning wedding images from WPPI 2011.

Here is the set of images that I sent to WPPI this year. 12-13 of them hang on the display, 3-4 were over 85, and one was 1st place in Photojournalism. I don’t know the exact scores since I was shooting non-stop during the entire week. I shot for WPPI, for GRAPHI, spoke at Panasonic, and Graphi, had a platform class and on top of that got a Las-Vegas flu with moderated fever and runny nose. Why is it that everything good comes with a little bit of bad :)) 

My 3D platform class wasn’t very busy. We were slightly above one hundred people. For the comparison, a class in the next room was over 500 people. There was lots of laughter going on the other side of the wall 🙂 However,  my class was  the best! We were nerds that looked at the diagrams, talked strange vocabulary and dissected the trends of the industry. Whoever didn’t come missed a lot! 🙂 This is what one of the students wrote to me 2 days after my presentation.  ” ……You gave us an amazing amount of valuable information and did a stellar job of compacting it down into 2 hours……..”   “…Rather than giving us a couple of quick fixes and tools, you gave us an intuitive education on the workings of 3D…”  “… I got home and told my wife I felt like I just got my doctorate in optometry. 🙂 …” 

I must say he wasn’t along who wrote to me.

Panasonic USA brought a huge plasma 3DTV where I demonstrated images I recently took in 3D. In fact Panasonic liked the presentation so much that they want to continie the relationship futher and we already brainstorming ideas for the future projects.

So here are the images.


  • March 1, 2011 - 2:06 pm

    Marco Correa - Great images, third one is my favorite one! Congrats!

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