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    Michael Greenberg is renowned for taking photographs that are characterized as art pieces. The elegant play of fashion and journalism shines through every photograph so it’s no wonder Michael Greenberg has been recognized as one of the top wedding photographers in Canada.

    Among his many talents, Michael is well known for the Renaissance-era-inspired elaborate group portraits he produced. One of them, “Family”, won a Grand Award at WPPI 2010. He has won 11 WPPI awards and over 60 accolades of excellence in the last four years. His work has been published in numerous photography magazines including the recent book "The best of wedding photojournalism" by Bill Hurter.

It may not feel like it, but it’s officially the first day of spring! From an engagement session photographed by Michael Greenberg near Toronto, Canada:



It’s also Palm Sunday, which means that Easter is just around the corner! Book your Easter holiday family photo sessions with Phototerra Studio:

// Los Angeles

// Toronto

// Montreal

A lot of people ask me if this image is “Photoshopped”:

nice rusalkaPhotographers and clients mean completely different things when they say “Photoshopped”. Photographers want to know about the level of difficulty in retouching such an image, while everyone else wonders if the bride was superimposed to an ocean background in Photoshop to look like a mermaid.

I’m happy to explain.

The Mermaid in this image happens to be Nathalie, a beautiful French Canadian bride from Montreal. The shot and the settings are very spontaneous and natural. It all took place in a whimsical hair salon in Montreal that had a saltwater fish tank. The preparations for the wedding that included putting on the dress and doing hair and makeup lasted for a few hours. During that time, I was wondering how to incorporate the fish tank into the photos and I have to be honest, although I knew an image was there, I wasn’t sure what image it was. After trying various compositions, I almost gave up. The idea came suddenly when our bride was fully ready to go, at the moment when she started walking towards the exit. I happened to be on one side of the aquarium and the bride on the other. And that’s when it struck me – a mermaid!
This photo was taken through the double glass of the aquarium. Notice the uneven reflections of the dress. With the help of my assistant who simultaneously was holding the light and the veil, the mermaid was discovered. In terms of retouching, there was barely any, I blurred the hand of my assistant holding the veil, the rest is a natural setting at a very lucky moment. This photograph later went on to win multiple awards and accolades and became a staple image of Phototerra Studio. It also helped me a lot at establishing my brand.

~Michael Greenberg

  • March 23, 2016 - 11:41 am

    Elaine - Thanks for sharing how it was shot. Is there a gel on the light your assistant is holding?

    It is an absolutely inspiring image to say the least!

  • March 31, 2016 - 12:08 am

    Phototerra - Yes, we used a video light affixed with an amber gel as a continuous light source to get the effect. Thank you for your comment! Very much appreciated.

The wedding day is an emotional roller coaster. Most wedding photographers today are trying to capture a range of emotions, from happy to sad. In recent years however, a noticeable trend emerged of wedding photographers that capture only happy emotions.

This style is sometimes mistakenly labelled as candid. To understand how the candid wedding photography is perceived by our brides and grooms we always ask the couple to elaborate on how they see it. The answer we usually get is very close to so-called “happy” images.

It is safe to say that most people associate weddings with happy events and therefore expect happy photographs. Since candid photography style is in essence a moment photography then most people expect exactly that, an abundant amount of happy moments.

The reality of such a powerful and emotionally charged day as a wedding day is quite different. Every portion of the day is filled with numerous thoughts and feelings. When subtle emotions are also captured, it becomes a completely different photographic coverage; more real, more human, and more storytelling. In this photograph, wedding photographer Michael Greenberg, candidly expresses a moment of bliss:



Vermont is beautiful in any season, but the early fall in Vermont has especially charming scenery for wedding photography. The mist in the air is coloring the hills and it is almost possible to feel the temperature just by looking at this photograph. This wedding took place in Stowe Mountain Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. The bride Maris is wearing a splendid wedding gown.

Toronto wedding photographers are always looking for scenic places to photograph on the wedding day. The city of Toronto is fully aware of this and more places than not require a permit. The city further complicates the situation by issuing permits to engaged couples only and not to wedding photographers. Street photography around Toronto is still permitted, but not everyone is comfortable taking photos on the streets. Brides and grooms are concerned with the background and photographers feel more at ease in secluded places. Well, this photograph was taken on Bay Street, in the heart of Toronto’s financial district:


“What is so special about the background?”, one may ask. Absolutely nothing! It is not the background that makes this photo, it is the couple. If the newlyweds are comfortable with their wedding photographer and trust his or her expertise knowing that their expectations were properly communicated in advance, they feel more at ease. Then the images will portray the true nature and beauty of the couple regardless of the background.