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when couples can’t relate

I kept setting this blog post aside until last week, when it happened again.

A bride approached me online asking about our services and we chatted for a while. She sounded very nice and I was happy to provide her with information about pricing and photography samples of the available photography team for her wedding date.
Although rarely, I’ve seen this happen before in my career as a studio manager here at Phototerra and I’m sure other photographers can relate as well. The bride sent me a polite email saying and I quote ” we looked at the photos and its not us…”
How can it possibly be “you” I wondered? What exactly did this couple look for? I felt badly for our photographers who didn’t get a chance to showcase their true skills and I also felt badly for the bride who missed out on an award winning wedding photography.
As a result of this misunderstanding, I decided to provide our readers, fans and future brides and grooms with a couple of recommendations for this very specific situation.
– Dear Brides and Grooms –> When you shop for wedding photography, please don’t look for someone else’s wedding to match your physical appearance, personalities, wedding colors, location backgrounds, or style and design.
Instead, try to recognize the art of photography in every wedding that you see. Look at lighting and angles, composition and substance, or even retouching skills and album designs for that matter. Only a skillful photographer will deliver the images that are truly “you”. Please keep in mind that if you are looking for similar dress in a similar environment, it is not photography that you are evaluating.
Below are 3 images photographed by the same photographer, Michael Greenberg:
All of these people are beautiful in their own way and none of them are me or you.
I would love to hear what you think – please leave a comment with your thoughts!
Yours always,
Tally Greenberg
Studio Manager

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