Black & White Portrait of a Man
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Black & White Portrait of a Man

You are looking at an award-winning image of one of our grooms. Michael took this shot during the engagement session in Montreal. If you are wondering why this image made such an impression on photography competition judges, our answer may surprise you. There is more to this portrait than meets the eye.

You can take portrait photography to the level of period paintings like our photographer Natalia often does. Take a look at her recent prize-winning portrait of a girl. From a composition perspective, lighting, subject placement, and all the little details, Natalia’s photograph is perfect. Strikingly different from this humble photo of a guy, wouldn't you agree?

The secret here is in simplicity. The image is technically brilliant, yes. But it is off guard, the man in the photo just lit his cigarette, he was not posing for the shot. Michael was able to capture his true personality, a little shy, a bit melancholy, but at the same time a kind, loving, and down to earth kind of guy that smiles with the corners of his eyes.

Changing the image to black and white in this particular case adds a bit of ruggedness to the photo. If our groom were a musician, this image would be a great album cover shot!

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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