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Chinese Family Portrait

From humble beginnings come beautiful stories. Michael created this image for a wonderful family from China that immigrated to Canada with very little, worked hard, and finally opened a restaurant to provide for their parents and all of their kids. The family flourished and grew. The gentleman in the center of the photograph with his wife to the left are the owners of the restaurant where the photo session took place.

There are many interesting elements in the photo, making it somewhat photo-journalistic despite the staging. The head of a pig in the center of the photograph is symbolic with an abundance of blessings in Chinese culture while the pineapples are signs of wealth and luck. Can you spot a waiter on the right with an entire chicken on a tray? The whole chicken means togetherness of the family, prosperity, in other words, a sign of completeness. The big red apple beside the founding couple is a symbol of wisdom and peace, and the oranges stand for gold!

There is more action on the left – someone is attending the stove. A father is cuddling a child. Most of the kids are busy with technology. Especially phenomenal is the blue light from the I-pad illuminating one of the boy’s faces. Finally, two sculptures of ancient Qin Dynasty warriors are standing guard for the family on both ends of the image.

In short, it is a double WPPI award-winning photograph. But most importantly, it is a forever picture. Family panorama of this caliber is your modern day dynasty art.

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Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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