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The Perfect Pout Photo

Let’s talk about the pout, shall we? It is becoming increasingly popular for ladies to do that thing with their lips that makes them look and feel sexy. In fact, the trend is so widespread that now there are makeup products called the Perfect Pout, not to mention lip filler procedures, although those have been around for some time.

You’ll surely agree that our goal as a professional Toronto wedding and engagement photographers is to capture the most beautiful images for our clients. Therefore, we need to adopt the fashion and cultural changes in real time, study the trends, and find all possible ways to capture them exquisitely. These were invented to enhance one’s beauty, after all. N’est-ce pas?

The pout, if not studied carefully, can yield very similar facial expressions across different types of photos. Below is a shortlist of tips that can help brides and photographers to achieve some Perfect Pout Pictures!

For the Bride

  1. Relax all facial muscles and part your lips just ever so slightly. The less, the better. It looks crazy beautiful.
  2. Touch your face. You can practice in front of the mirror, there are many ways you can do it, or you can trust your photographer to guide you. But something about adding hands to the picture increases the attractiveness of the pout.
  3. Don’t press your lips into a kiss. It's overdone, and the results are just cute versus stunning.

For the Photographer

  1. Get close with to your lens. Close-up shots work wonders. They will accentuate your bride's facial features in a deserving way, especially if you add some lighting elements. Take a look at this picture of a bride.
  2. Guide your subject to look down or to the side, to close their eyes.
  3. Ask them to think of their dream vacation destination or something magical, and their face will light up in ways you didn’t imagine.

On this photograph from an engagement session, we have a strikingly beautiful brunette with a flawless pout. She seems to be deep in thought.

Location: Eastern Europe.

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