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Street Photography for your Engagement

For Brides

Street photography is free, fun and adventurous. Your background is always changing, providing an ample amount of scenery and settings.

Imagine, for example, choosing King Street for your Toronto engagement photography. If we start of the corner of Jarvis, we get into the little municipal park that is always beautifully adorned in flowers allowing for a floral type photo coverage. Right next to it, there is a large Gothic church, its walls will give us a bit of architectural context. We can then cross the street to the south side of King and capture the streetcar passing by in your photos. Keeping south on Church and you are in the middle of a large intersection with the Iron building (Toronto Landmark) right there on the corner.

All this beauty is within a block and doable even in 4-inch heels! Who knows, maybe we can also stop for coffee, and the lovely coffee shop staff will let us snap a few shots in their establishment.

For Photographers

Wondering the streets with our couples in any season or city provides exciting opportunities for engagement photography. Being aware of your surroundings will guarantee some pretty fascinating finds that are fun to incorporate into couple’s photos.

Take, for example, the heart shape element we spotted forged in the iron gates of some building. With a lighting trick or two, our photographer multiplied its shadow on a wall behind the subject. The effect? A heart shape wallpaper pattern on otherwise an ordinary background.

The photographer’s vantage point is very different from the source of light. That’s why it benefits working in pairs or with an assistant. Notice also, how the lady is perfectly illuminated. The shadows are not falling on her face, only her body. It is important to keep in mind your subject first and the details second.

Location: Eastern Europe.

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