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Stylized Shoot

At the luxurious St. Regis hotel in Toronto, our team set up a concept engagement photo session for our clients. With the help of professional stylists that collaborated on this production, we took several unique, whimsical and fun photographs, and this one, in particular, went on winning an international award.

The concept? The idea evolved from stylishly romantic to something more daring. We ended up with audacious photographs of the couple loving each other to death!

The idea of a bride in the bathtub came from the framed photo you can see hanging on the wall. All the details matter in this carefully composed image. From the patterned suit that matches matches with the tones of the room to the red shoes that highlight the bride's presence in the frame. Together, they tell a compelling story. What do you think happened in that bathroom?

Conceptualized engagement sessions take some planning, but make for the most curious photographs that you’ll be proud to share for years to come. You’ll meet this couple again in our gallery. They have lots of striking shots!

Location: The St. Regis Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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