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Sugar Beach Engagement Session

Photographing in a major urban city like Toronto or Los Angeles has its challenges especially when you are looking for quiet public spaces for a wedding engagement session. But  Samantha and Andrew, our future bride and groom were up for the challenge.

While travelling and giving photography workshops across East Asia, Michael Greenberg met Andrew who is also from Toronto in Hong Kong as he attended one of Michael's photography workshops.

Coincidently, Andrew was looking for a wedding photographer and reconnected with Phototerra in Toronto later that year as he and the lovely Samanthaprepared for their wedding.

For their engagement session Samantha showed up with a red light peacoat which worked out wonderfully. The colour was flattering and added a bit of a punch on a slightly overcast day. Here, Michael used a flash on camera-left to highlight Samantha's features, while the red colour added a nice contrast on the green background and a natural glow to the bride's face.

Location: Toronto, Canada.

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