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Catherine’s portrait has been decorating our walls from the day Michael shot it. Even before this timeless image won a Silver Distinction Award from the most important wedding photography competition - WPPI, it was already our favorite. It is only 5 Mega Bites in its original size, and yet we managed to blow it up 30 x 40 inches to print it on canvas for our enjoyment.

There is something euphoric about Catherine’s expression that attracts the viewer. The twinkle in her eyes, perhaps, or maybe it’s her genuine smile. For years our brides asked us to repeat Catherine’s pose for their photographs, and at times it worked. To us, however, there will always be one Catherine – she is irreplaceable.

Perceptual experiences, such as when looking at this portrait, have both phenomenal and experiential aspects. Not only do we find the bride absolutely stunning, but also we want to experience what she feels, and some of us go as far as wanting to be her. Such is the strength of our Catherine.

To mute the background colors and make the image all about the subject, Michael changed it to black and white. We don’t even remember what the original color version looks like at this point. It's like a painting, once created, it cannot be redone differently.


Where hasn’t Catherine been published. The latest has to be the PhotoED feature online and in print.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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