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Color Palette

No flash was necessary for this scenic photograph; no special post-production effects were added or subtracted from the image. Straightforward photography but with artistic framing led to the most profound result. Natalia Shaidenko, the author of this picture, was honored with a Silver Distinction Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Award for her creative vision in the Bride and Groom Together Category.

Intentionally positioned to the left of the photograph, the bride and groom are on top of a vibrant green hill surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Vermont. Gradually passing from a darker blue to a lighter tint, the mountains look like the ocean waves. Having the couple in the center would’ve obscured the ripple effect of the mountains whose outline ends were the sky begins with its 4th and lightest shade of blue. This subtle gradation of color is what makes our wedding portrait so beautiful.

In wedding photography, you often need to do nothing more than take a lens created for one purpose and suit it for another. Natalia Shaidenko took this photo with a 70 mm portrait lens. Evidently, she ran pretty far away from the couple and took her shot from a considerable distance, but it worked!

File Info: ISO 400, 1/5000 sec., f2/8, 70 mm.

Location: Stowe, Vermont, USA.

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