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Contemporary Wedding Photography

A couple of young med school graduates decided to tie a knot in Montreal. Everything about their wedding, from the choice of photographer to the little details of their special day, was centered around art. Their ceremony and reception took place in a modern art gallery with an industrial design. Daria Marchenko photographed the couple in all corners of the venue, and this image of the bride with her dress is right beside the bathroom!

The simple composition of three equally spaced components of this black and white image, the bride, vase, and wedding dress is conceptually artistic. It means that the idea behind the photograph is more important than the aesthetics of the image in the traditional sense. In other words, the image is contemporary (in nature), not a typical bridal portrait. It doesn’t fall under photojournalism or portraiture definitions. It’s art.

The photo went on capturing the 3rd Place WPPI Prize in Bride Alone Category marking Daria’s debut as an International award-winning wedding photographer. You will find other acclaimed works by Daria Marchenko in our Awards Gallery.

Photo Information: ISO 400, 1/250 sec., f/2.8, 52 mm.

Location: Parisian Laundry 3550 Saint-Antoine West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4C 1A9 .

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