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Flash at Work

Inspiration can be found in the most bizarre locations and unlikeliest settings. There was very little time left for photos on the wedding day. To say we were in a hurry would be an understatement. The scorching sun wasn’t helping either, but the wind was picking up offering some relief. Determined to create something special for our clients, Michael stopped at a random location in the old port of Montreal on the way to the wedding venue and decided to experiment with light and flash work.

To compensate for the blazing sun, he boosted his F-stop and closed down the aperture for a nice clean image. Michael’s assistant helped to hold the TTL flash at a 45-degree angle on the left side of the camera while Michael took the shot through the blowing veil. From this angle, it is possible to portray depth and volume in a photograph.

The idea was to expose for the background and purposely re-expose for an underexposed effect. Based on the camera settings, this required a lot more power and light. To produce even more light, Michael shortened the distance between the couple and his flash. Using flash in this way, he compensated for the dark shadows and overpowered the sun.

Photographer’s Tip

Set your camera setting to High Sync, allowing you to shoot higher shutter speed at larger f-stop. ISO 200, f11, 1/1000 sec., at 24 mm.

Honored with the 2nd Place award and a Silver Distinction prize by the respectable WPPI establishment.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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