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Funny Wedding Picture

A funny moment can emerge from nothing more than taking a knife created for one purpose and suiting it for another. This hilarious black and white photo of a groom cutting the head off his bride-cake-topper is the 3rd Place champion of a WPPI award. Can you guess the winning category?

If you are thinking photojournalism, don’t. It is simply a very funny photo. Hence the winning category is Humor!

Often a humorous event, cake cutting is one of our favorite wedding traditions. At one point, cupcakes replaced traditional cakes, but luckily, that trend didn’t last for too long. For couples that don’t want to have a wedding cake, but still enjoy the ritual of cutting something together, we recommend getting a pie or a pudding instead. One of our recent couples cut a piece of wheel cheese from the late night station. Human imagination has no boundaries!

Back to our photo in question, Michael captured this moment as the bride and groom were ready for their cake shot. Then love took over, and they froze for a kiss with the knife in grooms hand that unintentionally fell on the neck of the bride figuring. We live for moments like that!

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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