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Fun fact – the first panoramic camera was invented in Canada. That’s right! John Connon from Elora, Ontario developed the machine in 1887. This curious device had internal automatic controls that moved the film frame by frame while the camera circled a fixture mounted on a tripod. The newly invented panoramic camera made it possible to capture up to 360 degrees without splices and in a single exposure! It quickly became popular and remained a novelty for many years. Cool new ways of landscape photography emerged as well as photographs of very large groups of people.

Michael Greenberg loves the idea of panoramic shots but doesn’t like when the various degrees stretch or shrink parts of the image. You must have seen many funny photos online of panoramic fails with animals. If you haven’t, click away. Are you still laughing?

So to avoid any such special effects and to make sure the image is artistic in every way, Michael separates his subjects for the photo shoot and combines their best images in a very meticulous but rewarding Photoshop artwork.

Winner of the 2nd Place Prize in a Group Category and a Gold Distinction Award at the WPPI for its creativity, execution, and meaning, this beautiful family panorama is one of our favorites.


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Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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