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Partial Story

Inquisitive photojournalism connects what can be seen with what can not. It would have been a totally different picture if both subjects were facing the camera, not as intriguing and maybe more classic and traditional in style. It is an incomplete narrative that makes us think about the person.

The dog and its owner are looking in the opposite directions, watching over one another from all angles. The pug, though, is aware of the photographer, he is more present than the woman in the photo. It is a watchdog in this scene, adorable as all pugs are. We are only assuming all this, of course. The story can be entirely different if our human subject is reading or worse crying. We think it’s a woman, but what if it is not? We can be certain only of one thing. Our subjects’ matching color accessories and their proximity to each other speak of a bond between the two and total trust in one another.

Photographed by Michael Greenberg, our portrait of a lady with her pug is a recipient of a 2nd Place Trophy in the Non-Wedding Photojournalism Category and a Silver Award recognition of Photographic Excellence from Wedding & Portrait Photographers International competition.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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