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First place winner in the non-wedding photo-journalism category at the WPPI competition as well as the recipient of a Gold Distinction Prize, this interesting image belongs to Michael Greenberg.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we? It is a perfectly proportional photograph of a pier except for the additional storytelling features on the right. One such feature is a man leaping off the pier into the calm waters below. We know it is his first jump because he appears to be dry. No one else is around, not even a bird. It feels quiet and undisturbed. And the sepia tones of the image highlight clear skies and warmth of a sunny summer day. All of these elements together, along with a lifebuoy, paint a very peaceful picture.

We get even more narrative from the sundial lamppost on the right. It tells us the time – around 9 in the morning!

So what’s photojournalism? According to Wikipedia, photojournalism should tell a story of sorts in an original and engaging format, and it must be honest and unbiased. That’s a reasonable definition. But what makes it great? Perhaps the most exciting photography of storytelling type makes us think and feel things. It is highly subjective, of course, as are all forms of art.

Location: Crimea, Ukraine.

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