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Strange Wedding Photograph

Atypical in its composition, this wedding portrait of our Scottish couple won a Silver Distinction Award and a First Place Prize in Bride and Groom Together Category - Honors of Excellence from Wedding & Portrait Photographers International, 16 x 20 Print Annual Competition.

The bride and groom are resting on a bench a foot distance apart. Their facial expressions are serene despite the approaching summer storm. It feels like nothing can disturb our couple’s stillness, not the tall windy grass nor the gathering clouds.

Michael Greenberg photographed this scene using a wide-angle zoom set to 23 mm. With an exposure of 1/100 second at f/11, the small aperture captures a large depth of field sharpening all the details in the image.


Hunter, Bill. The Best of Wedding Photojournalism. Techniques and Images for Professional Digital Photographers, 2nd edition. Buffalo, NY: Amherst Media, Inc., 2010.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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