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Teamwork for the Win

Extraordinary results happen when photographers work together to solve creative problems. Michael struggled with the idea for this image for some time, but when he finally saw a chance for the mermaid shot, Daria Marchenko, the second photographer for the event, gave him a hand at the right moment. It was a team victory!

If you want to know how it was done and what was going on in Michael’s mind when he took this picture, this link will take you to The Mermaid story.

Winner of the 2nd Place in Bride Alone Category and winner of a Silver Distinction Award at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Competition, the Mermaid, is an iconic image of our studio. Instantly recognized all over the world as Michael Greenberg’s work and loved by everyone who sees it, this precious photograph is a great reminder of the importance of a team. Together is always better than alone in wedding photography.


This photograph enjoyed a lot of spotlight in the past 10 years. We only wish we kept our records better from the start! Lesson learned.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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