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Unusual Photo-Journalism

It’s a one in a million chance to capture something so unique. The initial idea was to photograph the girl in the sunlight, but then out of nowhere a cyclist passed the frame on the background casting a shadow, and a man with his dog appeared in the foreground. As a result of the funky mural, that looks like it is scolding the cyclist for interrupting the shoot, and high contrast black and white post-processing of the photo, that outlines all of the participants in the picture, we get a feel of a very lively and abstract scene.

That’s why Michael won both the Silver Distinction Award and 1st Place prize for this image in Non-Wedding Photo-Journalism Category at the WPPI competition.

To get a Silver Distinction Accolade is to score an A for the photo or 86 to 89 points out of a 100. It helps to be at the right place at the right time, but for meaningful photojournalism to happen, you need to be able to conceptualize the end-result in a matter of seconds (or less) and intuitively adjust. The latter comes with a higher understanding of the technical side of things.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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