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Wedding Detail

What’s so special about this cake photo that made the respected judges at the WPPI competition fall in love? First, it got a Silver Award, which means that the photo scored between 80 and 85 on a 100 scale. That’s pretty awesome already. Next, the photo went on taking the 2nd Place trophy in the Details Category. Everyone who sees this picture awes, including our staff at Phototerra.

Maybe it’s not about the cake, but rather the mood around it. Unfortunately, there is no Mood Category at the WPPI, so it had to relate to the detail. Here is what we know about the atmosphere of this wedding. The shadows from the window point to 5 pm and the sunny skies with fluffy clouds behind the window screen tell us it is a beautiful summer evening. The cake is modest and not very big – perhaps the event itself is an intimate one, and it all takes place at a golf course.

The colors of the photograph are so warm and inviting; you get the ‘I wish I were there’ feeling. So in a sense, this is a moody, void of action but storytelling photograph that makes you feel things and that’s why we think everyone loves this photo by Michael Greenberg.


Hunter, B. (2010). Wedding Photography: Advanced Techniques for Digital Photographers. [Kindle Edition].

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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