Alice In Wonderland Themed Wedding Detail
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Alice In Wonderland Themed Wedding Detail

Instead of the tea, usually served in little china teacups, and with cake, cookies or chocolate offered on a separate plate, most of the cup in this photo is occupied by a peculiar cupcake dessert with an inscription Eat Me, an edible flower and little blue butterfly.

Needless to say, the attention to details in this marvelous Alice in Wonderland themed event was simply unsurpassed. You will encounter more images from this whimsical wedding as we prepare our digital album layouts for your enjoyment.


This wedding was published on 4 spreads in print and later online by the Canadian bridal magazine Wedluxe. Walsh, Ashley. “Adventures in Wonderland.” Wedluxe. Volume 10. Issue 1. No 19. Winter/Spring 2017: 116 – 123. Print.

Location: Graydon Hall Manor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Keywords: a bride is holding a vintage teacup, a little edible flower and a blue butterfly., In this photo, inside it is a cupcake that says Eat Me.

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