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Beach Wedding Photo Shoot

You probably have heard about the famous Mont-Tremblant ski resort stretching across the beautiful Laurentian Mountains in the province of Quebec. Of course, you’ve heard of it; there are direct Porter flights from Toronto to the village during the ski season. It is so popular because the slopes are steep and the scenery is out of this world. If you’ve never been there in the winter, put it on your bucket list. You won’t regret it!

Remember to also visit the Laurentians in the fall for jaw-dropping Canadian autumn colors. Ski slopes are available for hiking, and the view from the top is worth every calorie you burn getting up there and then some. Best time for that trip is at the end of September.

But did you know, that there is also a lake called Tremblant, and you can actually swim in it? And that’s precisely where we went for this summertime bridal photo session. Taking full advantage of the beach and the related paraphernalia, we took photos in the boats, by the boats, in long chairs, under the umbrellas, but this one is our favorite. Everything about this picture, the pose, the gown, the dark sky with fluffy clouds and the unusual for wedding photos lifeguard station is simply perfect. But the lifebuoy that neatly peaks out from behind the train of the wedding gown is just priceless.


The images from this fashion photo shoot ended up on the covers of Elegant Wedding Magazines for both Toronto and Montreal issues. This photograph, in particular, was also blogged online and featured in print by the Canadian educational and inspirational photography magazine PhotoED as well as the American Professional Photographer Magazine PPA.

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Elegant Wedding Toronto Cover, Premiere Issue 2010: Print & Elegant Wedding Montreal Cover 2010: Print.

Location: Center Nautique Pierre Plouffe, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada.

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