AM Beauty
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AM Beauty

Photographed by Michael Greenberg in Montreal, the bride's name is Ann-Maude, and this is why we named the photograph “AM Beauty." It’s a play with her initials and the time of day this image was taken.

The frame looks as though it were out of a Hollywood movie and Michael achieved this style by using harsh light from a bare flash, held by his assistant, to illuminate the lovely Ann-Maude. Using a bare flash in the dark produces very good and dramatic black & white conversions in post-production.

As a highly esteemed doctor, Ann-Maude is as beautiful as she is intelligent - who says you can’t have brains and beauty? She looks absolutely radiant here, which Michael partially takes credit for with his use of lighting to create this award winning image.

This photograph won the prize for Best Captured Moment at the Canadian Wedding Industry Awards in 2014.

Location: Montreal, Canada.

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