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Some wedding photos are luckier than others. Surely being in the right place at the right time is paramount, but that’s not what we mean by luck. Couple’s interaction, their feelings, temperament, and character are very important factors for the ultimate outcome in wedding photography.

To relax in front of the camera and barely notice us, it always helps to have an engagement session with us first. Check out this couple’s photo from their e-shoot in Kingston, Ontario.

Daria Marchenko, the author of this image, felt she needed more photos of the bride and groom alone and asked them to join her in the lobby of their venue following the dinner banquette. The lighting and composition for this picture were entirely set up by Daria who led the couple to the armchairs you see on the photo. What’s unexpected about this image and therefore lucky, is how the couple got into a funny conversation about something that happened earlier on their wedding and started laughing.

The Canadian wedding industry, comprised of hundreds of talented professionals awarded this picture with the Best Captured Moment category.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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