Blurry Portrait of a Bride
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Blurry Portrait of a Bride

Blurry photos due to poor focus are different from the blurry images that are photographed intentionally with low shutter speed, for example. With the latter, the photographer is communicating movement or patterns of light.

This photo of a bride on the background of the downtown core of Montreal is absent of lighting effects. The slow shutter shot creates blurred horizontal outlines of the buildings, rails, and creases of the bridal gown. Since everything flows and the colors are minimal, the overall ghost-like effect of the bride is outstanding!


This picture, as well as others from this wedding, were published in Toronto’s elite wedding specialists bridal magazine.

Lombardos, Anna. “Simplicity & Elegance.” Elegant Wedding. Summer/Fall 2011: 60-61. Print.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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