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Botanical Garden Wedding

Can Wedding Photography be Poetic?

Everything about this romantic bridal portrait speaks poetry. There is a sense of peaceful ambiance caused by the mid-afternoon summer sunlight that indirectly fills up the entire image. The way the bride is leaning to touch the pink water lilies while looking dreamily into the distance illuminates her face and makes her white dress shimmer.

Where is this Botanical Garden?

Serene and uninterrupted, this wedding photo session took place at the beautiful Italian Hanbury gardens located in the Province of Imperia, Latte, Italy. For your curiosity, the bridal gown is from a famous Italian bridal shop Nicole Spose, Milan, Italy.

Similar Toronto Location

Having the entire botanical garden for yourself is, of course, a treat, and in Toronto, it is almost impossible. If you enjoy the idea of private garden photo sessions, we recommend reaching out to Graydon Hall Manor and booking a time slot for your wedding portraits. The garden by itself is not very big. But there won't be any people around; there is plenty of shade in case it's very sunny, there are a fountain and even a small pond. But the best part about this photography location is that you will be able to use its newly renovated indoor facilities in case it rains.


This destination wedding was featured online and in print by the Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine. Ferreira, Erica. “Feature Weddings.”Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. Fall/Winter 2012: 238-248. Print.

Photographed by Michael Greenberg

Location: Giardini Botanici Hanbury, Latte, Italy.

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