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Bow Tie with a Butterfly

In the French as well as the Russian language, a bow tie translates to butterfly. Ladies and Gents we have a butterfly on a butterfly photograph here which is amusing and fun to think about.

After their wedding ceremony, on a cold and breezy day in Moscow, our newlyweds released a number of beautiful butterflies to commemorate their union. 99% of them ended up on our bride. One peculiar and curious little butterfly decided to land on our groom’s bow tie and stay there for a while. I think it was posing for me as I took a dozen shots. I'm lucky I had enough time to capture this humorous moment.

For a monarch, this butterfly has somewhat unusual black and yellow colors. Apparently, all monarchs are orange and black; this one is distinctly different. However, our Russian butterfly enthusiast who brought these creatures to the wedding assured us that they are indeed monarchs but of a rare type. Frankly, it doesn’t matter at all. I love the character of the bug as well as the coloring, nor would I like it any less in another pigment.

This humorous wedding detail photograph is my favorite because it is light, natural and hilarious (if you know French or Russian).

- Photographer Michael Greenberg

Location: Moscow, Russia.

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