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Bow Tie with a Butterfly

How to Say Bow Tie in French

In the French a bow tie translates to butterfly. Ladies and Gents we have a butterfly on a butterfly photograph here which is amusing and fun to think about. This humorous wedding detail photograph is my favorite because it is light, natural and hilarious (if you know French).

Strange Butterfly

After their wedding ceremony, on a cold and breezy day, our newlyweds released a number of beautiful butterflies to commemorate their union. 99% of them ended up on our bride. One peculiar and curious little butterfly decided to land on our groom’s bow tie and stay there for a while. I think it was posing for me as I took a dozen shots. I'm lucky I had enough time to capture this humorous moment.

What's this Butterfly Called?

At first, we thought it was a monarch, but this butterfly has somewhat unusual black and yellow colors. Apparently, all monarchs are orange and black; this one is distinctly different. Then we used Google Lens that quickly identified this creature as Troides Helena named after Helen of Troy – one of the most beautiful women in the world, according to Greek Mythology.

- Photographer Michael Greenberg

Location: Eastern Europe.

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