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Story of the Butterfly Bride

It was a little bit chilly outside that day. Our couple had an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding with a butterfly release moment following the exchange of vows. As soon as the butterflies were freed, they immediately flew towards the bride and attached themselves to her dress, arms, veil, and hair. Maybe it was her perfume, or perhaps they wanted to warm up that remains a mystery. I tried to remove one, but it refused to budge! The bride was covered in butterflies, and because they wouldn’t move, I had a few seconds to compose this portrait. Only one of them landed on the groom, right on his bow tie out of all places allowing me to capture a very amusing shot.

What Alice in Wonderland and Mona Lisa Have in Common?

Most people say that the smile of our Alice in Wonderland bride resembles that of Mona Lisa - a famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci. What do you think?

If Leonardo lived today, he would be an incredible wedding photographer, that's what I think, and I would be his humble apprentice. If I'm lucky, that is.

I photographed three weddings with Alice in Wonderland motif. It is interesting to note that all of them had unique elements and none of the events looked-alike. What I love about this image, apart from its uniqueness, is the peaceful feeling it carries.

Location: Eastern Europe.

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