The Calm Before the Storm
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The Calm Before the Storm

This dramatic image of a Scottish couple won 2 international awards and was printed in one of Bill Hunter’s books for professional photographers. Hunter writes, “This is one of my favorite formals by Michael Greenberg. The symmetry and rigid straight-on posing give the image an “American Gothic” feeling…”(Hunter, 2010. p. 89).

It is amazing and humbling to hear when Michael’s work is compared to famous art. Thank you! The American Gothic is an exceptional painting by Grant Wood.

Sitting apart in an open space surrounded by the withering Mexican feather grass, the couple is anticipating the upcoming late summer storm. You can see how the sun rays are hitting the tips of the ornamental grass, and some of the sunlight beams, along with patches of blue sky, are still visible through the darkening clouds.

What’s interesting about this image is how the cloud formations create a feeling of movement, while the remaining available light brings about a sense of calm. Michael took advantage of the striking changes in natural elements of light, shadows, and wind. Sometimes all it takes is an adventurous bride and groom and a little bit of imagination.


Hunter, Bill. The Best of Wedding Photojournalism. Techniques and Images for Professional Digital Photographers, 2nd edition. Buffalo, NY: Amherst Media, Inc., 2010.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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