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Cinematic Lighting

We can all agree that movies are awesome. They make us go through a range of emotions with their captivating plots, acting and…? You guessed it, cinematography – your mood design powered by various lighting techniques. It is almost the same as photography because, by definition, the latter is an art form for recording light. Without proper illumination, you won’t feel scared or tense, you won’t feel enchanted, and you might never fall in love with your favorite actors.

Studio photography is identical to cinematography because the art of atmosphere creation happens in lit controlled environments. Since weddings take place in many locations throughout the day, which we typically cannot restrain, and as time passes rather quickly, we learned to create studio light wherever we are and in any weather conditions.

This portrait of a groom was taken indoors in an older looking building. The type of lighting we created here is called the Key. Pretty straightforward a key light is the primary source of light in a movie scene (there could be others). If you are outdoors on a cloudless day, for example, you can use the sun as your Key. We can direct the angle of it depending on the look we are trying to achieve. The further away you place it the darker the mood of your scene or photo will be.

To create a bit of mystery, we used a Low Key technique, which is essentially a single Key Light directed at our subject (no other light sources). Key lighting and its variations are one of our favorite methods for shadow formations. And shadows are feelings, ladies and gentlemen. Shadows make us think, they are enigmatic, because of them we love movies so much. When on the go, we use teamwork and off camera flash to recreate the cinematic effects in our photographs.

Location: Eastern Europe.

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