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Cloud Nine

Why did we Call this Picture Cloud-9?

In English, to be on Cloud Nine is to feel extremely happy. With her facial expression and body language, our bride expresses the feeling of pure joy and excitement. The idea of the clouds behind her naturally leads to the name for this composition. Fun fact; the expression ‘Being on Cloud Nine’ probably exists in many languages, but in Russian, it's the 7th sky instead of the 9th cloud.

How we Shot it

Everyone who sees this picture always wants to know how we photographed it. Several things had to happen for us to capture this image: a trampoline, beautiful weather, adventurous bride who felt so happy that she wanted to jump. The bride is jumping on a trampoline, but we are shooting upwards, so all you can see is the beautiful natural backdrop of the blue sky with fluffy clouds. Because of these unlikely settings, the image is atypical to most bridal portraits. But it is also unique as a result of the bridal gown.

About this Wedding Dress

Our bride is wearing a wedding gown by fashion designer Giambattista Valli that has a long train on the back with a cutout in the front of the dress. This picture wouldn’t feel the same with another type of wedding dress because the additional fabric would obscure the legs and alter the spirit of the movement.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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