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Destination Wedding in Italy

We often get lucky with wedding destinations to picturesque views and landscapes, exotic islands and gorgeous cities around the world. Thank you, universe! This wedding took us to three such locations. The pre-wedding photo session and the post-matrimonial Alice in Wonderland themed-shoot, for this couple, were in Monte Carlo, Monaco, and French Riviera. But for their wedding ceremony and bridal portrait photo session, the couple chose the lovely botanical gardens of Hanbury, Italy. With the light working in his favor Michael, our leading photographer, came across a set of stairs lined with red geranium flowers and the contrast was brilliant. The bride walked down the stairs as Michael snapped a sequence of shots without a flash.

Sometimes natural light is all you need especially in such beautiful surroundings. Having all your photos without flash is also OK, but photography is so much more than just OK. The best approach, in our opinion, is to have a variety in both photography types and skills. Have a fusion of styles such as candid, traditional, photo-journalistic as well as diversity in lighting compositions because the latter creates different moods and changing atmospheres.


The Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine printed a full feature of this beautiful wedding.

Ferreira, Erica. “Feature Weddings.”Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. Fall/Winter 2012: 238-248. Print.

Location: Corso Montecarlo, 43, 18039 Latte IM, Italy.

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