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Eye-Catching Groom

There is a strong history of the image of a man seated posed in an armchair. From painted portraits of Popes seated on the Sedia Gestatoria to the pictures of the Chairman of the board, the highest-ranking Generals and Presidents in power!

And of course, there is the Electric Chair!

“Do not sit down in Satan’s chair of do-little, but arise and aim at the elevated standard, which is your privilege to attain.”

~ Ellen G. White

The portrait chair always tells the story of whoever chooses to be seated. It may reveal the strength of character, confidence, arrogance, fear, or even weakness.

In this charming photograph of an Eye-Catching Groom, we see an Elegant and distinguished man on his ornamented seat, his casual yet sophisticated pose certainly draws the attention of the viewer.

A thoughtful expression on such an important day is captured in his gaze and body language. There are love and emotion on his mind. A playful positioning of his leg suggests he is sitting in anticipation. Today he is a Prince on his ceremonial throne awaiting his Royal Wedding.

The artist’s choice of lighting is a very particular technique. Using a cool singular light source, creating an illusion of daylight illuminates the subject’s skin and outlines the form of the chair. The darker tones of his suit have a subtle contrast that gently stands forward from the charcoal mood of the room.

A stunning composition!

Location: Eastern Europe.

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