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Fine Art Wedding Portrait

Photographed in Rome Italy, this awarded Kit-cat bridal portrait resembles the styles of European Renaissance paintings. We’ll get to what is a Kit-cat at the end. The truth is, famous painters of the times, had no technological alternatives. To depict the likeness of a person they had to be precise in their work, innovative in their approach, and very careful in reading the moods and feelings of their sitters.

When we compare a photograph to the Renaissance art, what we’re really trying to say is that the photographer was able to masterfully compose, illuminate and portray the inner personality of her or his subject.

The strength of this fine-art wedding portrait is in its simplicity. The contrast between the dark patterned red walls and soft light that wraps around the bride as well as her pose and facial expression have all the right historical elements of a painting.

  1. There is a deep sense of reality rooted in all Renaissance portraiture, and it is evident in our picture as well.
  2. The ¾ face portrait is a classic pose favored by the grand masters of all times like Leonardo Da Vinci, Godfrey Kneller, Johannes Vermeer to name a few. This type of positioning allows for an interesting interplay of light and shadows and meaningful communication between the artist and their subject.
  3. Finally, the portrait is a Kit-cat – which by definition is a half size portrait where both hands are showing. We all know and love the most famous Kit-cat in the world – The Mona Lisa.

Location: Rome, Italy.

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