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Flash Magic in Limo

To get variety with bride and groom portraits, we often play with different lighting techniques. But in very bright environments, like on a sunny summer day, a softer light exists only in the shade. Instead of looking for shaded areas, once in a while we take refuge in the limos and use an external flash to illuminate our couple from inside the vehicle.

We like the flexibility of the off-camera flash for cinematic lighting scenes. Although it is possible to photograph alone, the set up will take longer, taking away from the valuable time allocated for the couple’s portraits. Also, tripods and soft-boxes are pretty heavy to carry in addition to the many cameras and lenses. Teamwork is more effective in that respect. Our photographers Anouk Landry and Michael Greenberg worked together to create a series of movie-like limo shots in just under 10 minutes!

The stylish bride and groom of the day had a fusion contemporary-vintage wedding that was picked up by the lovely wedding media outlet Junebug Blog.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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