Italian Wedding Desert Table
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Italian Wedding Desert Table

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto Canada is the largest museum in Canada. It's beautiful building was designed by architect Daniel Labeskind,the museum has been nicknamed 'the crystal' for its crystalline shape.Whenever Phototerra has worked inside the museum the results have always been more than fantastic. Perhaps our photographers are inspired by the art and artifacts around them.The interior is spacious and it's a great venue for wedding receptions.

In this photograph at the end of the night Michael happened to be in the right spot and captured this humoristic shot. The man appears to be reaching for the standard chocolate donut instead of the beautifully baked desserts on the table which we thought was a bit funny.It definitely wouldn't be our first choice, how could one resist those delicate and stunning cakes and cupcakes!

Location: Toronto, Canada.

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