Radiant Bride or AM Beauty
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Radiant Bride or AM Beauty

The bride's name is Ann-Maude, and this is why we named the photograph “AM Beauty." It’s a play with her initials and the time of day we captured this image.

The frame looks as though it were out of a Hollywood movie, and Michael achieved this style by using harsh light from a bare flash, held by his assistant, to illuminate the lovely Ann-Maude. Using a bare flash in the dark produces very good and dramatic black & white conversions in post-production.

As a highly esteemed doctor, Ann-Maude is as beautiful as she is intelligent - who says you can’t have brains and beauty? She looks absolutely radiant here, which Michael partially takes credit for.

This photograph won 2 awards; 1 national - the Best Captured Moment prize at the Canadian Wedding Industry Awards and 1 international – a Silver Distinction Award from the WPPI.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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