Reflection of the Bride
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Reflection of the Bride

During weddings and when looking to get shots of the bride and groom, mirrors can be a useful tool that can be used to create interesting shots and portraits. Thebride, dressed in an Inbal Dror wedding dress poses by a mirror which reflects her and herstunning dress.

In a dark hotel room in Toronto, Phototerra photographer Michael Greenberg got creative and decided to use the mirror for a sequence of portrait shots. In this photograph you can see Michael's creativity at work as he places the bride by the mirror and composes for a nice side profile. Here the mirror also gives you a straight-on profile view of the bride as she looks directly into the camera allowing you to capture a two-dimensional portrait and without it, it wouldn’t be possible.

Here, Michael exposes for the hotel room and uses a flash on camera-left to illuminate the bride and her dress for a flawless photograph.

Location: Toronto, Canada.

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