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Reflection of a Bride

How we Use Reflections in Photo-Compositions

The use of mirrors in wedding photography is widespread. Reflections have always fascinated photographers, and we are no different. However, we prefer a more creative approach to the use of mirrors in our work experimenting not only with numerous ways to reflect our subjects but also with the elements and lighting that surrounds us in any such opportunity.

Dressed in her beautiful lace wedding dress designed by Inbal Dror, our Italian bride reflects in the mirror she poses beside. Here the mirror also provides a straight-on profile view of the bride as she looks directly into the camera allowing for a two-dimensional portrait. Our photographer Michael exposed for the hotel room and used a flash on camera-left to illuminate the bride and her dress for a perfect photograph.

Why is it so Dark?

This beautiful hotel room in Montreal was our little hideaway on the day of the wedding because of the raging thunderstorms outside. The room felt a bit mysterious, probably because there was no sunlight coming through the windows and the royal mahogany wood accents of the room further concealed any available light. As it turned out, this was a perfect setting for the enigmatic types of wedding portraits. After all, isn't it a famous expression "When life gives you lemons, we make lemonade"?

Prize Worthy Photo

This photograph won a Silver Award - Honors of Excellence in Bride Alone category in recognition of Photographic Excellence from Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) 16x20 Print, Album and Film-making Annual Competition (2015).

Location: Auberge Le Saint-Gabriel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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