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Renaissance Bride

How I Took this Picture

I created this image of a bride reclining on a love seat during a wedding photo-shoot. I shot this moment with one light through a grid to create a peaceful feeling of daylight shining through the window. The bride’s cascading wedding dress in a darker eggshell color by Dolce and Gabbana looks exquisite in the gentle light that my team and I imagined for this shot.

Where I Get my Inspiration

The composition for this photograph was inspired by famous Renaissance paintings, which I grew up admiring as a kid. The bride’s untroubled pose and her airy facial expression demonstrate how emotionally evocative wedding photography can be. Sometimes, the strongest images come from unassuming settings. The correct application of photography techniques is important, but the desire to create something beautiful is paramount. It has to come from within you.

Is this an Award-Winning Picture?

This image ended up a finalist at La Grande International Photographic Awards in the fashion category. Probably because Tally, our studio director, sent it there.

- Photographer Michael Greenberg

Location: Eastern Europe.

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