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Royal Ontario Museum Wedding Photography

At an Italian wedding in Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), the entrance into the wedding reception was straight out of a fairy-tale. The candlelit path led to the cocktail area adorned with the bride's favorite flowers that hang in arching beds of white dangling blooms.

The spotlighting on the floor added to the mood of this photo, by casting shadows from the flowers and branches onto the ceiling. Our photographers immediately recognized this beauty and took several frames of the entrance hall without the flash. This particular photograph of the wedding reception interior symmetrically captures the beauty of the grand entrance.


Numerous photographs from this beautiful Italian wedding were printed on three editorial spreads and published online by one of Canada’s luxury wedding magazines.

Walsh, Ashley. “A Modern Interpretation of a Versailles-Inspired Garden Wedding Characterized by Romantic Textures, Vintage Details, and Classic Elegance”. Wedluxe. Volume 7. Issue 2. No 14. Summer/Fall 2014: 114-119. Print.

Location: Toronto, Canada.

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