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Shining Bride

The choices that we make will change the course of our lives and our future forever. They are beautiful ripples in time. Love for another is often the guiding force, the desire, and the reason we choose.

The marriage ritual has been celebrated in all cultures throughout the history of time. This bond of spirit is as sacred and mysterious as the creation of life.

The alluring photograph of this “Shining Bride” bejeweled in her traditional Punjabi dress echoes her historic Sikh roots, the depth of her beliefs, and her timeless beauty.

A frozen moment sends us back into a time rich in eastern culture when the first contracts between Gods and Humans were agreed upon. The deliverance of love, wealth, and prosperity was provided as security in exchange for religious faith.

“We are our culture and tradition; if there is no culture and tradition, we are no one.”

~ Tamerlan Kuzgov

This portrait shares an expression of deep contemplation in the shadows as darkness embraces the light in perfect contrast. A warmth from color and texture supports a classic profile. There are clarity and confidence in the gaze of the young lady’s eyes empowered by love and faith.

The artist has truly captured a stunning moment!

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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