Sikh couple with Dramatic Sky by the water
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Sikh couple with Dramatic Sky by the water

Photographed by Michael Greenberg, this WPPI award winning image appears as though it must have been created in India. However, it was actually shot on the shores of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Canada.

Reminiscent of a beautiful renaissance-era oil painting, you might be surprised to learn there is only one flash with a colored gel that is illuminating both subjects. Michael has set the flash at camera left, held high above by an assistant, and triggered remotely. This is a lighting set-up that Michael regularly employs in his wedding photography.

In this image, the majority of the light from his flash falls on the bride, however a little bit of it spills onto the right side of the groom’s back.

Although the flash is set at a distance from the subjects, it still illuminates them from the higher angle. This is achieved only if the flash is raised high above. He has also changed the zoom settings on his flash to concentrate the light disbursed, eliminating the spill.

Generally, Indian couples generally shy away from being affectionate in front of the camera, but there is a grandeur and stature in the culture that comes across in this photograph, emphasized by the dramatic sky.

Minutes after this shot was taken it started to rain.

Location: Montreal, Canada.

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