Sikh Wedding Work of Art
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Sikh Wedding Work of Art

Photographed by Michael Greenberg, this artistic image of a Sikh bride and groom is a winner of a Silver Distinction Award - Honors of Excellence in Bride and Groom Together category and a First Place Prize for Photographic Excellence from Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) 16x20 Print, Album and Film-making Annual Competition.

For Brides

When we say an image is a fine art photograph, we don’t mean that we shoot your entire wedding that way. Fine art is not a style of photography. Instead, it is an ability to create images that look like paintings. Not everyone can do this. It requires years of practice, accumulation of knowledge and most importantly a never ending desire to inspire others.

That’s exactly what we do for our couples. From a thousand pictures of your wedding day in various photography styles like natural, candid, traditional, or photo-journalistic there will be a few worthy of artistic definition. These gems are the treasures that will make you proud. They end up decorating your walls and get passed on to generations that follow.

If you wish to have a photograph like this one, there are few things to keep in mind.

  1. Please allow for a little extra time during the bride and groom photo session. Even 30 additional minutes make a world of difference and offer opportunities for us to get creative.
  2. Don’t be afraid of the weather. If it's about to rain, it's not raining yet! But the sky is filled with drama that we love to capture. We promise we won’t let you freeze or get dirty and wet. We are always mindful of the way you look and feel. Minutes after this shot was taken it started to rain.
  3. Follow our guidance with a bit of curiosity. If for example, we ask you not to smile, please trust in us. We probably see something beautiful we want to express with your image. You’ll be laughing on most of your photos anyways.

For Photographers

Although it looks like a picture from India, it was shot on the shores of St. Lawrence River in Montreal, Canada. You might also be surprised to learn that there is only one flash with a colored gel that is illuminating both subjects.

Michael asked his assistant to hold the flash on the left side of the camera and triggered it remotely. It is a lighting set-up that Michael regularly employs in his wedding photography.

In this image, the majority of the light from the flash falls on the bride. However, a little bit of it spills onto the right side of the groom’s back. Although the flash is at a distance from the subjects, it still illuminates them from the higher angle. You can achieve this effect only if the flash is raised pretty high. You’ll also need to change the zoom settings on the camera to control for the light disbursement in order to eliminate the spill.

Emphasized by the dramatic sky, the grandeur and stature of our Sikh couple are unmistakable in the beautiful artwork we proudly created for them.

Location: Montreal, Canada.

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