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Timeless Wedding Traditions

Our photographer Daria Marchenko is behind this portrait of an Asian bride that received a WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographers International Award of Excellence.

Let’s face it; traditions should be a synonym for weddings. No matter how modern you are or how wild and different your reception is, the fact that you are celebrating your union in the first place is because you are following one of the oldest traditions ever - matrimony! Come to think of it, was Eve married to Adam?

Now and then we hear from our couples that they are not traditional at all and yet when it comes to wedding photography certain type of photos are almost always expected. They are:

  • Full body photo of the bride and groom together looking at the camera
  • Family formal group shots
  • Individual bride and groom portraits

These are some of our favorite images, and we are entirely committed to making these photos unforgettable for you. We even pioneered a really cool way to take group shots; we call them panoramas while our portraits are one of our strongest suits.

The reason why we invest so much of our creativity into these traditional in style photographs is that they are the ones that last. In 20 years from now, you will care less for photos of your shoes, or blowing veil, a close up of your centerpiece or a creative picture of you somewhere far in the distance with the illuminated architectural background (although we take those as well).

The most precious photographs that you will keep looking at over and over again will be the ones of your family. Your portraits alone or together with your spouse will decorate the walls of your home. Authentic in every detail and timeless in style, traditional wedding photos are a must have.

So wouldn't it be awesome if these treasured heirlooms were absolutely perfect?

Location: Toronto, Canada.

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