Groom's portrait
Michael Greenberg, Phototerra Studio

Groom's portrait

Portraits can be considered as photo-journalistic images, because when done well, portraits are strong representation of people's characters, personalities and moods. Since the beginning of visual arts, portraits were the photographs of history and they still remain the most important elements of every wedding photography coverage. Because of their versatility, portraits can be expressed in various wedding photography styles; traditional, photo-journalistic, fashion, candid and artistic. In this particular artistic portrait the groom Michael is photographed on the background on an abstract painting. Since Michael's full facial expression is hidden by his profile and since it is rather changeless in nature, it becomes hard to say what he is thinking about or what he is feeling at that specific moment. The groom then is an abstract and non-specific reflection of the art on the wall or the other way around.

Location: Toronto, Canada.