Italian Family Portrait
Michael Greenberg, Phototerra Studio

Italian Family Portrait

This image won 1st prize at WPPI in the Group category of 2009. Here we have a panoramic image of an Italian family, where the elderly man and lady at the center are the main characters. Their eldest son is sitting to the right of them, and is very important as well. In this picture are their grandchildren, as well as their other sons and daughters with their respective spouses. This particular family owns a few reception venues in Montreal and this was actually the 50th wedding anniversary for the two main characters of this picture. They renewed their vows in the church and this image was taken after the church, in one of the rooms of their reception halls. Since there were over 300 people dancing and waiting for them upstairs, I photographed each individual in this picture separately and then stitched the image into this panorama later. While I photographed this way for the purpose of being as unobtrusive as possible on their wedding day, I have even applied this technique to photograph families whose members were scattered across the country by photographing each person separately in different cities. Maybe not surprisingly, photographing a family in this way has become a popular request for us now, as this often becomes the main picture of many wedding image collections.

Location: Montreal, Canada.