Portrait of the groom with flowers
Michael Greenberg, Phototerra Studio

Portrait of the groom with flowers

This portrait of the beautifully dressed groom is one of Michael Greenberg's earliest works, created in Montreal, Canada circa 2006. The groom is lit with one camera mounted flash bouncing light off to the right. The exposure was taken from the top right wall and dialed down by 0.7 of a stop to pop the subject out from the background. The flash illuminates the groom and his surroundings, creating a beautiful 3-dimensional feel. Look at the groom carefully and see how the light falls on his face. The image gives an effect of window light, however it’s Michael's flash that produces this lighting of the groom. The groom's pose appears natural as though he is taking a moment to relax and has been photographed candidly. In actuality, Michael has directed him into this pose, knowing exactly what to say to get him relaxed in front of his camera and to ensure a natural expression. Michael does this by suggesting different things for his subjects to think about to take their mind off the shoot and to elicit various expressions and postures from them.

Location: Montreal, Canada.